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Share Your Story!

You've probably learned everything you know through the school of hard knocks. That makes you a "hard knocks expert.“

Now’s your chance to share what you’ve learned—your stories, experiences, and observations.  


There's a lot that we can all learn from real people—who, like you, are passionate about life, learn by doing, and have insights that will be meaningful to other people. 

Our goal is to compile and edit stories from this community of experts into e-book book and hardcover form. As a contributor, you'll be listed as an author. 

So share your stories, interact with other experts, and enjoy the wisdom in this community of hard-knock experts!


This site is for those of us who learn by doing. We try, we fail, we experiment, we get knocked down, we try again…. And ultimately, we succeed.

A lot of what we eventually learn to do well isn’t in the textbooks. It’s what we learn from our own “seat of the pants” experience.

We invite you—as a certifiable expert in the school of hard knocks—to help others by sharing what you’ve learned. 

Our goal is to:

1) compile the wisdom that our "hard knocks experts" contribute 

2) edit the material to create ebooks for distribution through Kindle and other electronic outlets. If you contribute, you’ll be listed as an author.

Instead of an expert talking down to the audience, we want the experts in the audience to share what they've learned from their own life experiences.

Register. Sign in. Start writing. You’re an expert in the school of hard knocks and what you’ve learned may be just the nugget of information that helps someone else avoid their own hard knocks.